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Alpha dino charge the next generation stars Reese/Brennan Sheila/Camilla Jase/james Davis prince colin/ Davi Santos ryan/ Michael Taber


Skyper Ace lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana. As a student of 8th grade, Jefferson Middle School, he is a youg man awaiting to ba a Freshman at Northrop High School. But as journey goes, by the beginning of 8th grade, ideas strike him of building something that could travel through Space by use of light's speed and power. He, with the help of his childhood friends, (Blaze, Lezlie, Franklin), sets on quest to build a machine that could do exactly that. And they do. They finally build a machine that allows them to travel to any part of the Universe, but they land on a mysterious world in the midst of The Alpha Dimension. Ace, however, instantly realizes that the world they had landed on was the same he had pictured, exactly the same. He soon confesses to the other three that he had created that world, while the other three friends begin to think he had gone crazy.

However, after the arrival of an android-like alien named Mirx.007, who finally seccesses in making them believe how and why Ace had really created that entire Dimension, they are comforted. But the journey wasn't not at all over yet, in fact, it was just the tip of the iceberg, as sooner than they expected, they came to know of every alien that was after gaining full control of The Alpha Dimension, and Ace was the main victim in the war that somehow he had created...

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